A sensorial kaleidoscope of emotions, taste and elegance enclosed in a unique fragrance with an authentic flavor. Coffea Aroma d’Abruzzo offers to the palate the elegance of the best beans, starting from the intense study and research of valuable blends. Marco Gesini, director of Coffea Aroma d'Abruzzo, has about twenty years of experience in the coffee distribution and five years ago, together with his wife and partner, Erika Papagna and Davide Chiavaroli, partner and sales manager, has started a new project focused on the study of this amazing product at 360°: from the selection of excellent raw material, the best and qualified suppliers in the market, to the attention to various combinations and to the precise cooking and roasting of the precious beans. Coffea’s mission is therefore to create a product of the highest level and constancy, following specific rules in each single step of the manufacturing process that takes place in Città Sant Angelo (Pescara).


Coffea Aroma d’Abruzzo minimizes all the impurities, paying attention to the conditions of cleanliness and genuineness of coffee already inside the bags coming from Central America, from valuable realities that guarantee traceability, from the harvest to the roasting, made in Abruzzo. Thanks to the colorimeter use, based on the various color curves, the correct cooking degree and coloring of both, beans and ground, is measured, to obtain a uniform roasting in order to offer always a selected and high quality product, with no defects. Gesini’s Company, officially founded in early 2018, is present in almost all the regional territory, in some neighboring regions and even in Germany, France and Poland, dealing personally with the distribution in companies, offices, bars, restaurants, private individuals, providing also the most suitable machine. The product range includes pods, capsules, packs of bags and tins of beans or ground coffee, obtained by roasting the Single Origin from Central America, India, Uganda, Congo and Ivory Coast following the various supply chains according to the destination on the market Coffea expects to launch, by the end of the year, a refined and elegant gourmet pod, which will give the cup a special explosion of flavor and emotions.

Coming soon on the market will be also the new packaging with a captivating image, ready to strengthen, the existing link with Abruzzo, creating a synergy between poetry, art and the exquisite Espresso aroma.

"Our 15 kilograms capacity roaster - says Mr Gesini - is equipped with an active carbon filter that reduces emissions into the atmosphere to 98%. We want to continue to be an artisanal company, focused on niche and quality rather than quantity."

Gold one hundred percent Arabica, Silver mix of Arabica and Robusta, Ruby with a decisive and strong taste, Turquoise mix of decaffeinated coffee. Coffea Aroma d’Abruzzo offers the best mixtures for companies, offices, commercial businesses and private individuals. A wide choice to satisfy every kind of need. With its unmistakable aroma, coffee is not only an indispensable pleasure to enjoy breaks during the working day, but also a product that improves energy levels and stimulates certain brain functions, contributes to increase metabolism and fat burning, contains innumerable nutrients, reduces the risk of type 2 diabetes, helps to prevent Alzhaimer and Parkinson, and acts as a mild natural antidepressant. In addition, the pods can be recycled in an eco-sustainable way: the waste is used to extract antioxidants and lipids and the powder becomes an anti-smell hand soap, a hair reflector, a body scrub, a mask for the face... So, long live the coffee, that of Coffea Aroma d'Abruzzo!